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You once swore the Gods themselves could not wrest me from your arms… And now you fucking cast me aside?
My heart will never beat for another, yet it would cease within chest if I were to drag you to your doom.

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So this happened in the Europa League Final…

threelisabeth let me tell you about Futbol

……………please do

Thanks for asking, Elisabeth! What a great, important question. The answer is, ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Unlike the men of football and hockey, who are hampered with crushing tank pads and helmets that make them bounce off each other, or the men of baseball and basketball, who — ok i don’t know very much about those guys, maybe they kiss all the time, feel free to send pix — the men of soccer are prolific and enthusiastic kissers right on the mouth. Let’s take a look at some important Soccer Kisses, together.

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